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Surveys indicate that a growing number of people are interested in communicating with their funeral home on-line.  So many, that our funeral home has chosen to make it possible for you to actually pre-arrange your funeral, and never visit the funeral home. Indicating your wishes, along with submitting information about yourself,  our easy to follow format can give you peace of mind knowing that your thoughts and wishes about funeral service is documented with DeLaughter- McKee Mortuary Inc.  There, it will be held until time of need, as a valuable resource for your family in the hour of need.  This form is for practical information;  you need not indicate your social security number or any financial information.

As always our staff is available to personally meet at our funeral home, or at your residence.

Pre-arrangement Form

Full Legal Name:
Date of Birth:
(City or County and State)
Father's Name:
Mother's Maiden Name:
Years of Education:
(Required for Death Cert.)
Married To:
Married When:
Does Spouse Survive:
(*If No, enter Date of Death)
*Date of Death:
US Military Veteran:
(If yes, send copy of DD214)
Social Memberships:
Place of Funeral:
Desired Viewing Hours:
Officiating Clergy:
Lot Number:
Other Cemetery Info:
Monument in Place:
Special Music:
Preference of Organist:
Beautician of Choice:
(list six with two alternates)
Floral Tributes:
Memorial Contributions:
Cremation Option:
Authorizing Cremation:
(List Person(s) name)
Type of Casket Desired:
Type of Vault Desired:
Other Suggestions: